TOP 5 Travel Essentials

Hello beautiful people from the Internet!

So last year (and probably thI travelled a lot, at least two flights a month, so let’s just say I have become a pro when it comes to my traveling essentials. I used to bring my Longchamp purse and just stuff it with the most random things, that I almost never used in the flight nor even my stay. After a while, I realized that it was not the most comfortable option to travel, so I switched to a backpack!

I thought it may be useful for people who as me, struggle to fit everything they need in just one place, so I would like to share what my essentials are!

  • Headphones & MacBook. Even if your flight is 1h or 24h the most likely thing to happen is that you get bored. One way to enjoy yourself, get distracted and relax is listening to music, watching movies, tv shows… Every time I travel I always double-check that I bring both: headphones & my MacBook with me, one time I forgot both of them and I don’t even know how I survived the 3h the flight lasted… that was hell.
  • Tiny little wallet. On my everyday life, I always bring my big badass wallet, in which I fit everything but money, it’s always full of cards I don’t use, receipts… so when I travel, I like to make sure that everything I’m bringing is going to be useful and not take up space. I bought mine at Accessorize while I was in Northern Ireland this summer. BEST. DECISION. EVER.
  • Portable charger. Every time Β I travel, my phone battery dies so fast. I think it is because I listen to music during the flights, I scroll through all my social media over and over again while I wait to board, and also, I use my phone as my camera. Let’s be real, I can’t afford a nice camera. So I always have to make sure I have enough battery for the day!
  • Bottle of water & gum. Both of them so random, yet so necessary. I always get thirsty during flights but no, I’m not going to spend 5€ in a bottle of water. So I always try to bring one from home, an empty one, and then I fill it up once I’ve gone through security! Another thing I always like to bring are gums. I need to chew on things when I’m bored so yeah, it’s a great option PLUS, you get that minty breath.
  • Necessity bag (as I like to call it). This bag is the key to success, I bring pads, tampons, lip balm, tablets, dental care stuff, tissues… you never know when you or other people might need this so I always like to bring this mini bag with me JUST IN CASE.


QUESTION OF THE BLOG: Which are your TOP 5 Travel essentials?







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