My Favorite Restaurants in Barcelona

Hello beautiful people from the Internet!

In this post I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite restaurants from Barcelona. There are a lot of good restaurants in this city, I am not saying these are THE BEST, but they are my favorite and I seriously enjoy eating there. The service they have in each restaurant is also really nice so that is obviously a plus! Also, I am not a vegan or anything but I do like to eat some vegan food every now and then. If you hate eating healthy or you are not about that life, this restaurants may not be really appealing to you. I can write another post about other types of restaurant if you are interested on that! Let me know πŸ™‚

Here is my list!

  • Flax & Kale. This is a flexitarian restaurant. If you don’t know what a flexitarian is, basically is someone who eats mostly plant-based foods like vegetarians or vegans, but with the exception that they do eat meat every once in a while (mostly fish). If you want to know more about the flexitarian lifestyle I recommend checking The Flexitarian. The food in this restaurant is absolutely delicious and very filling. By the way, I recommend getting one of their smoothies, THEY ARE LIFE.



  • Brunch & Cake. I LOVE BRUNCH. It may sound like it’s a really “white girl” thing to say but I absolutely love it. This restaurant is one of my favorites Brunch wise, they have the best options PLUS they are healthy and delicious!



  • Copasetic. The menu in this restaurant is really Mediterranean as one of the founders is Greek and the other one is Catalan, so you have a menu with a mix of both cultures. You can also get the typical like burgers and basic salads if you are not very adventurous and want a more standard dish. (Also really good with brunches)



  • La Fitora. This restaurant is more a seafood restaurant. Is right in front of the beach so you have incredible views while you are eating. It is a bit more pricey than the other restaurants as it’s a more quality food restaurant, but it is really worth it.


  • Green&Berry. Another healthy restaurant. This time though, it is officially vegan. If you love meat and you need to eat it every meal of the day DO NOT COME HERE. But if you like to eat healthy once in a while or you are basically vegan, i do recommend it. They have a lot of different options, all really tasty! πŸ™‚





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