Afford to travel

Hello beautiful people from the Internet!

Today I am writing about something that I get asked a lot, how do you afford to travel being a student? Well… people expect answers like “oh, it is actually really hard, I work 4 jobs to afford my flights and accommodations…” FALSE.
I would like to start off by saying that yes, I am a student, so that’s why I don’t do super long trips and most of them are in Europe (which is cheaper than if I went to other places), I am in the middle of my semester so I can’t just go away for a month to Bali and then come back, that is simply not possible for me.

  • Where does my money come from? 

Not surprising, I work. I’ve been working since I was 16 (I’m 19 now) so it’s no surprise to me to realize that if you want to do something, you can’t always depend on your parents, they are not a money machine, they work hard for their money, not so you can just spoil yourself.
If you can’t work because you feel you can get all stressed out mixing uni and a job, you can always get an internship. Internships are a great way to get experience on the field you want to focus on when you graduate, and also, a lot of them pay you (not a lot) enough for your stuff aka traveling in my case.

  • Goal board

I have a little board in my room where I write down which places I want to visit and an approximate price of the whole trip. Once I know that, it’s saving time. I love Starbucks, but let’s be real, 5€ per drink… it really makes a difference when instead of spending 5€ every day or week, you drink coffee at home.
Going out? Don’t spend that much per ticket and drinks.


There are some clubs that if you get in before a certain time, you get in for free. Drinks? Drink at home, friends’ house… DO NOT SPEND 50€ on drinks… that’s not smart.

  • Be smart

Most of you are probably like me, students that want to see and explore our beautiful world, so don’t aim for the best. What do I mean by that? Accommodation wise, stay in hostels and Airbnb instead of hotels, restaurant wise, go to local restaurants were prices may be a little bit cheaper than more touristy places. Be wise with your money, don’t spend it on stupid things.

These are my main money sources and tips on how I afford to travel. What do you do to save up your money for your adventures?



P.S I’m trying to start to make my titles a little bit more fancy and with pictures? Like or nah?


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