Photography: How To Take Self Portraits

Hello beautiful people from the Internet!

Today’s blog is going to be about a topic that a lot of people has been asking me for the last week. How to take pictures if you are by yourself? Well, I have a few tips that may help all of you out there with the same problem.

  1. Camera. I would like to point out that you don’t need a professional camera in order to take great pictures. It hasn’t been until recently that I have got a compact camera (Sony Alpha 5000) which makes it way easier, but it is not a must.

    Sony Alpha 5000 Trick: You can also use this trick with different cameras but I am now just talking about the one that I have. When you have a Sony camera, you can download an app called memories in which you can sync your phone and send pictures through Wi-Fi. Another really helpful trick about the camera is that you can use the remote option. If you click to the menu of the camera and click apps, you have the option of controlling the camera from the app on your phone. If you sync it, you can see from your camera, what the camera lens sees, which makes it way easier to see and control what the picture you want to take will actually look like! 

  2. Angles. Taking pictures can be tricky, without the proper light, background or angles… sometimes it can be hard to get the picture you want. That is why is important to know your angles. It may sound stupid, but you can not imagine how many times I have spent in front of a mirror trying to see what poses and angles look good and which ones do not. Know what poses make your body and face look gorgeous and flattering and just work with it. 
  3. Timer. Either you are working with a professional camera, a compact camera or your phone, self-timer is going to be your best friend. Always make sure that your camera is properly placed and focused, click the timer and run into place. Do not worry if the picture does not look perfect on the first try, if it is the first time you are taking the pictures by yourself it is really normal to struggle, but once you get it, it is way easier. It takes practice, like everything in life! 
  4. Tripod. If you are really into photography or you just really want to invest and buy a tripod go ahead, but if not, I got ya. Anything around you can be easily used as a tripod. You just need it to be stable and you are good to go! I usually use furniture if I am indoors and whatever I can find if I am outdoors. One of the pictures down below was also taken with a rock as a tripod, and I have to admit, I love how it turned out.

Here are a few examples of pictures that I have taken by myself.Β 








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