Summer Warm Toned Makeup Look

Hello beautiful people from the Internet!

I have been really into warm toned makeup recently so I have decided to share with you one of my favorite looks: Natural Bronzed Warm Toned Makeup. I love how it makes your skin glow and your eyes pop, so let me show you how to recreate the look!

I will not go through the details of my face makeup (I can go into detail in another post if anyone is interested), so I will go straight to the eye makeup.
The eyeshadows I will be using for this makeup look are only three MAC eyeshadows (two colors at the top of the palette and the separate eyeshadow) and one MAC pigment.

The first thing you want to do is put some primer on your eyelid so the eyeshadows stay in place throughout the day or night, depending when you want to wear the look. Once you have put on the primer you are going to take the first light orange and put it all over the eyelid. 


Then you are going to take the second orange the one a little bit more dark and you are going to place it in the  V of your eye, going a little further than just the ouster V, try to go halfway through the lid as well, to create the illusion that your eye is deeper than what it actually is. 


The next step is going to be to create a little bit more depth by adding the darkest relish color to the ouster V of the eye.Make sure to blend all the colors so you don’t get any harsh lines. 


What I like to do in order to bright up my eyes is to put the pigment in the inner corners of my eyes and spread it until half of my eyelid, which makes all the colors mix and have the shimmer of the pigment.


Once you are done, just apply some mascara and you are good to go! If you want to make the eye look a little more dramatic you can add some winged eyeliner and maybe some lashes to create the more dramatic and slammed vibe to it. I would wear a nude lipstick with it as the look has color already.



Hope you liked this post, see you soon!





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